Bootleggers Cave Disc Golf is Boulder Woods Campground’s 19-hole disc golf course situated within and around the same beautiful property. The course is open to the public year round from dawn till dusk except during the times and events listed below. Players must sign in at the campground store which is also a fully stocked pro shop with brand name discs and equipment, exclusive campground branded merchandise, as well as drinks and snacks to keep you at your best.

Weekly Events:

  • Random Doubles @ 5:30pm on Thursdays while DST is in effect
  • Tags @ 11:00am on Sundays throughout the year

The course is closed to the public (those not participating in the events) from 5-8pm on Thursdays and 11am-2pm on Sundays.

Carry in, carry out: Please respect the course and property; take home what you bring with you and never leave trash or rubbish in the woods.

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Check out our gallery below for some great photos of the course: